RELIFE by Menarini Creates Beauty with Science and Art

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Ask any woman and I’m sure that almost 100% will admit that they want to look younger than their exact age. But how far are you willing to go to achieve that radiant and younger looking skin? Are you a supplement person or are you open to aesthetic treatments that requires injection as well? Are they really safe? Read on as I reveal more insights on aesthetic treatments and their side effects.

Celebrating Starbucks Signing Store 2nd Anniversary

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Do you know that the Starbucks at Bangsar Village II is the world’s first Starbucks Signing Store dedicated to raising awareness about employing Deaf people and celebrating the contributions of Deaf workers and people with disabilities? This store demonstrates Starbucks’ commitment to building a company where everyone is welcome, with inclusion at its core.

Yang Berhormat Puan Hannah Yeoh & Charmaine Pua

Yang Berhormat Puan Hannah Yeoh & yours truly 🙂